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Rick Riordan and Diversity

I remember going to see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in theatres in 2010. I remember absolutely loving it. I remember picking up the book immediately after, quickly finishing it, and realizing that the movie was absolutely awful in comparison. Since then, I have read the original Percy Jackson and the Olympians series more […]

Wonder Woman, Representation, and Feminist Film

This June, Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins, finally hit the cinemas. After the complete bombshell that was Batman v Superman (2016), I was half worried for the film — given the ridiculous sexist history of movies since the beginning of film — and half excited — given that a woman was directing the film. […]

The Issues With “13 Reasons Why”

Earlier this year, the mini-series Thirteen Reasons Why became available to stream on Netflix. Popularity for the show rose exponentially as more and more people watched it. The internet was full of mixed reviews, and my friends gave me conflicting opinions on it as well. I had no intention of watching the show, as I […]

20 Years of Harry Potter

My story begins before I was born in 1997. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone had just been released, and quickly began gaining popularity. My dad worked at a public school and the teacher that taught grade six across the hall had watched a segment on 20/20 about this new book that was blowing up. […]


This week I received Jonny Sun’s first novel, “everyone’s a aliebn when ur a aliebn too: a book” in the mail. I had pre-ordered it in the fall when Jonny first announced its release on Twitter. His account, @jonnysun, takes the form of a journal of an alien (or, “aliebn”) that has come to Earth […]

I Know I’m Almost a Decade Behind But I’m Obsessed With This Album

Working at the golf course, I spend around 2-4 hours on a mower every morning depending on the plan for the day. I am constantly looking for new music to keep me company as I cut greens. Recently I stumbled upon Panic! at the Disco’s “Pretty. Odd.” album. I had purchased their most recent album […]

Westworld: An Analysis/Comparison

When HBO premiered its new series “Westworld,” based off of the 70’s Crichton film of the same name, the online reviews came pouring in with nothing but praise. I was told by several of my sci-fi loving friends to watch this show NOW. So of course, as a busy university student with next to no […]